ISBT- Bowen Therapy Foundation Course

Bowen Therapy Training

Professionally run short courses in ISBT-Bowen Therapy 

Christchurch, Auckland, Dunedin and more


The International School of Bowen Therapy (ISBT) from Australia offers high quality, professional Foundation and Advanced courses worldwide in


ISBT Courses are approved by the Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia (BTFA), the only independent organization representing all approved Bowen Therapy students and schools.  (The BTFA is an independent elected body and not owned by any one school)

ISBT is committed to providing a range of quality courses based on the principles of the healing technique devised by the late Tom Bowen of Geelong, near Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.

On offer are innovative courses in short Modules, designed for ease of learning and with a high teacher-to-student ratio.  The unique design of the courses enables students to learn quickly and efficiently.

Courses Available For:

Health professionals
Existing Bowen practitioners
Practitioners of other modalities
People new to bodywork

ISBT-Bowen Therapy is a stand-alone treatment system, however, many practitioners, such as osteopaths, chiropractors and Masseurs, with expert guidance from ISBT, successfully incorporate Bowen into their practices.  This may simply be to add to their usual treatment, or they may use ISBT-Bowen Therapy by itself.  For these people, Bowen is an extremely useful work tool to make their overall skills more complete, providing dynamic treatment options.

Committed To Quality

ISBT-Bowen Therapy is much more accessible to a wider range of people, allowing them to access very gentle soft tissue manipulations that have proven to be very effective with a wide range of complaints.

ISBT’s unique designed short module training programme allows students to more efficiently absorb the work.  Longer sessions create “information overload” and the work becomes difficult to absorb.  They also take their toll on the student’s body.  Students practice on each other during courses and more than two days of constantly being practiced on can have a strong adverse effect on many people.

A revision component of ongoing modules, to ensure you have a grasp on the work before learning more, provides ISBT students a full opportunity to understand the intricacies of this wonderful healing system.

The advanced features of ISBT’s Foundation Course enable students to effectively and more efficiently learn the work in less time, covering more issues than would normally be the case.